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ROXXOR International Reg.5480.5953

  • P.O. Box 37 • 9422 ZG  • Smilde • Nederland

1. Each contract with Roxxor International (ROXXOR) will be ruled by these conditions, unless parties have negotiated otherwise in written.
2. Terms of Sales conditions from Roxxor International are in deposit by the Chamber of Commerce the Netherlands Register 54805953.
2.1 On a written request we will sent you a copy.
3. Unless otherwise agreed upon, all quotations are free of engagement and without any obligation.

  •     An order is only obligatory through a written confirmation by our administration and / or our online services agreed by Roxxor International business manager(s).

4. Under all circumstances, Roxxor International's liability is limited to 1.500 €.

5. All prices are in Euro. Exclusive you’re local VAT (TVA). Exclusive the shipment cost, or if needed administration cost Prices 
5.1 Prices Validity 31 December 2015.
6. Prices are subjected to change. Prices are ex Warehouse the Netherlands.

  • Roxxor International is entitled to adjust prices agreed upon in the event of increases in cost-determining factors.

7. Customs, duties, forwarder cost banking are the responsibility of the contractor.

8. Any and all images, specifications catalogues, pricelist, advertisements, samples must be deemed to be representation by approximate only, unless agreed written others.
9. The property of the goods remain to Roxxor International until full payment of the open invoice(s), increased with possible default interests, collection charges and all other charges.

  •     Roxxor International is entitled - on the clause of reserve of property - to recover the goods at all times. The other party is obliged to cooperate hereto and by default, 
  •     Roxxor International is entitled to charge to the contractor a penalty of 500€ a day. 
  •     In case of recuperation of the goods, Roxxor International rest entitled to recover the damages Roxxor International suffered.

9.1. Samples stay the property of Roxxor-International, and have to be returned 1 month after shipment, shipment cost and risk are for contractor.

  •     Samples will be invoiced, after return Roxxor-International shall make a credit note, the goods and decorative box must been returned in reselling condition. 
  •     Special purchased samples will be invoiced and cannot be returned.

10. Any possible complaints regarding our shipment deliveries must be given in written within the 24 hours.

  •      In case of noticeable fault and within the 8 days for damages which is not apparent, from the day of delivery. 
  •      Any protest regarding the invoices, must be given in written to Roxxor International, within an 8 days delay from the moment of receiving the document. 
  •      Not respecting mentioned clauses regarding the delay of protest, has the consequence of the declination of right to protest.

10.1. Complain(s) which are not the responsibility or not caused by Roxxor-International cannot be addressed to Roxxor-International.

III. Withdrawal form (If you want to withdraw from the contract, please fill out this form and send it back.)

  • P.O. Box 37 • 9422 ZG  • Smilde • Nederland
  • Contact +31 592 248 128 

Hereby give notice (s) I / We (*)                      ------------------------------------

Withdraw from my / our (*) contract concluded ------------------------------------

For the purchase of the following goods (*)      -------------------------------------

The provision of the following service (*)          -------------------------------------

Ordered on (*)                                              -------------------------------------

Order / Invoice Number (*)                             -------------------------------------

Received at (*)                                             -------------------------------------

Name / consumer (s)                                   --------------------------------------

Address of / consumer (s)                            --------------------------------------

Signature / consumer (s) (only for message on paper) ----------------------------------- 

Date (*) Delete where inapplicable.                --------------------------------------

(*) We kindly ask to fill in at least your application to take in account by our custmer service

11. Orders can be placed; by email, phone, your local commercial sales agent, or our on-line shop.
       Steps to place your order on line: 

  • 1e. Register as a customer.
  • 2e. receive your password or create your one your own password. 
  • 3e. Log in to your personal account, and Provide your invoice and ship to address, name, email, phone details. 
  • 4e. Select the products needed, or reorder, visit, our catalogue download section.
  • 5e. Select the way you like ship and control your ship to address.
  • 6e. Select the way of payment.
  • 7e. your order will be confirmed.
  • 8e. Settle the invoice, after confirmation, your order will be prepared for shipment. 
  • 9e. You will receive a track and trace link.

11.1 The minimum order quantity is equal to the packaging outer carton quantity.
12. Placed orders will be confirmed by paper written or fax, or e-mail or by this Roxxor international online shop order services. 
13. Consumer, will have no minimum order amount.
14. Orders settlement can be done by Wire Transfer TT Banking to our Bank Rabobank, or our on line secure Multiy save pay services. In Euro(€)
14.1. Cancellation of the order by the contractor within 8 days is free of charge, for support needed contact our customer services.
14.2 Consumer can apply for an automatic Incas so service, ask our customer services for the apply formulary. 

15. Basic Shipment cost is approx. 15% of the total order Value.

  •       For non EU members or International states basic shipment cost is approx. 15% of the total order value, ask us for your quotation.
  •       If needed Custom documents & handling cost can be add to an extra sur charge.

16. Franco free shipment 250,00€ , Germany, Benelux, France, Italy, All other country on request.
17. We ship standard to the following European country: Germany, Benelux, France, Italy, all other country on request.
18. For all standard shipments delivery time will be (between 9am-5pm local time).

  •      If needed we are able to serve you to deliver in the weekends, an extra surcharge will be charged.
  •      We are not able to ship to a Post address.
  •      Remote city areas can have a 1-2 extra delay in delivery, if needed extra shipment cost can be charged. 
  •      Retour shipments cost and risk are for the contractor. Damaged goods can never be returned. 
  •      Retour shipments needs to have an accord by from Roxxor-International contact our customer services.

19. The risk of the merchandise delivery will be transferred to the contracting shipment agency party.
       From the moment of departure at our warehouse and delivery of the goods to the carrier and to our client.

  •       The term of delivery foreseen for the commands is merely indicated and not binding. 
  •       Unless agreed otherwise, the other party shall under no circumstances be entitled to call upon the non-compliance of the determined term of delivery. 
  •       To claim any damages or a nullification of the agreement contact our customer service. 
  •       If Roxxor International provides the transport of the goods; the costs (transport and insurance) are at charge of the contracting party. 
  •       Residual waste generated by packaging is the responsibility of the contractor.
  •       Our shipment Agency's will try to deliver at your door step.
  •       If you are not at home the Chauffeur will make 2 attempts to deliver, he/ she will leave a notification if you are not at home, where to pick up your order.

20. Special produced products for the customer will have a production lead time: 50-70 days for special ordered shipments.

  •       Roxxor-International keeps the right to stop or cancel a delivery without reason given in front, personal contact will be made.

21. Products in stock will be shipped within 6-8 working days, after receive of the settlement from the invoice.

  •       Credit line can be applied for, do contact our customer services.

22. If products are out of stock we will contact you immediately, if payment was done and the order will be cancelled we will pay back the amount invoiced for the products in question..

23. The warranties for the purchased and delivered goods with manufacture- or importer- warranties apply only the terms by these warranties, for all questions do contact us.

24. All invoice(s) shall be paid before shipment departure to our on line multi safe payment services, or receipt at our Rabobank Assen the Netherlands.

  •      On line transfer will receive an online invoice by our Roxxor administration system. 
  •      In case of late payment an interest rate and recovering cost will be applied, without notice in law conforming article 5 02-08-2002. 
  •      Further an indemnity penalty will be charged ad 10%, with a minimum of 200 €. Only Roxxor International business manager is entitled to allow payment facilities.

25. Customers receive a facture before shipment and are able to settle the invoice by our online TT Bank Transfer services.

  •      Only Roxxor International business manager(s) is entitled to set different payment terms or set different payment delays by written. 
  •      Payment terms pre settlement after receiving your payment we will dispatch your order. 
  •      Credit line needed send this request by email to our customer service to info@roxxor-international.com

26. If a 3e party others than Roxxor is charging Administration-, Cheque- or Banking costs to Roxxor-International: the cost are for the buyer with a minimum of 10,00 €.

27. The nullity of one of more clause(s) of these terms, have not the consequence of the invalidity of the other terms and the agreement.
28. All litigation will fall exclusively under jurisdiction of the Courts in Assen. The laws of The Netherlands will only be applied.
29. In case of discussion/interpretation of the terms, the Dutch terms prevail over the French, English and the German terms.

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